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Oh Baby!

Its such an exciting time having a baby!, scary, but exciting! You can have some wonderful get togethers in honour of your soon to be new little bundle.

Gender Reveal Party? We have all seen them. Nobody knows which team you're playing for yet until you pop that big black balloon and the confetti explodes out of it, will it be pink or blue? Or perhaps you could try a gender reveal cake? What colour will your sponge be inside?

The finishing touches to your gender reveal party a beautiful flower wall back drop and a sweetie ferris wheel.

Babyshower! Oh this one is not on you mummy! This is for someone else to arrange for you! so sit back, put you feet up for the day and get spoilt before your new little human arrives!

Its always a good idea to register somewhere for a gift list, or save a wish list online and direct your pals there when they ask if they can buy you anything.

Have a scrumptious afternoon tea with a doughnut wall and take some lovely pictures with you bump and your friends in front of the flower wall.

Don't forget to play some baby shower games, how about Baby bottle chugging contest? or baby food tastes test , DIY babygro craft. There are so many fun games out there, you will have a great time!

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